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Venessa Kim Ceasar

Founder & Executive Director

Soaring As Eagles Outreach Ministry, Inc. was founded by Venessa Kim Ceasar. She is a native of Wilmington, NC. After graduating from John T. Hoggard High School in 1982, she received two degrees from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. In 1986, she received a BA in Communication and in 1990, a BS in Psychology. In 2015, she received a Master’s degree in Theology from True Standard Christian Bible College. In 2019, She was sworn in as a Guardian ad Litem. Kim became a published author in 2021of the book, RED FLAGS DON'T CHANGE COLORS

Note from the Founder:

Soon after my parent's separation, I found myself pregnant at the age of 12. That was a very tough time for me, to say the least. Many “friends” disappeared. I knew deep down inside that I was more than what I was feeling and what was being said about me. I remained on the honor roll and asked God to allow me to help others. I had no idea that the trauma in my life would open the door for a nonprofit to be established. In 2009, God gave me the organization’s name and its purpose.

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Angel Grant

Program Director

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